In this digital age, convenience and accessibility are essential.
That's why we offer the option of virtual appointments, allowing you to connect with Dr. Carlos Pereira from the comfort of your home. These online consultations are ideal for discussing your aesthetic goals, answering questions, and planning your path to your surgery.


For those who prefer a more personal and direct experience, we offer in-person appointments at our clinic in Pereira - Colombia. Where you can receive a detailed evaluation, personalized advice and discuss your expectations and treatment options in a comfortable and professional environment.


For our patients in Bogotá , we serve our patients directly in our office. In this assessment appointment we provide you with all the information about your procedure, additional options, steps to follow, a 3D study to observe the changes previously and we will give you the budget for your surgery.

Frequent questions

What is the value of the appraisal appointment?

The assessment appointment has a value of 200,000COP for virtual appointments and 300,000COP for in-person appointments in Pereira and Bogotá. We receive all cards and we have the best payment gateway in the world: STRIPE, so your payments will be totally secure.

Super simple, just click on the modality that best suits you. Virtual, or In-person in the cities of Pereira and Bogotá, and a calendar will appear with the available dates and times, choose the one that best suits you, and make your payment and that's it! easy and simple.

The value of surgery varies depending on the diagnosis, your needs and expectations. Each case is personalized so this value will be given to you after the assessment appointment.

Of course! Just contact our call center and our team will help you get a new date and time.