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Modern advances in mentoplasty

by Carlos Pereira 06 Feb 2024

Mentoplasty , commonly known as chin surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure aimed at improving the facial profile, either increasing or reducing the chin to achieve a harmonious balance with the other facial features. This cosmetic procedure has seen significant advances in both technique and post-operative care, offering patients a seamless experience and better results.

Comparative image of mentoplasty

Innovative facial assessments:

Designed to meet individual facial profiles, mentoplasty begins with a rigorous evaluation. Surgeons like Dr. Carlos Pereira carry out a strict facial study to determine the optimal approach for each patient. This ensures that whether there is a deficit or excess of chin, the procedure offers the best result.

Cutting-edge techniques:

Mentoplasty has evolved to be minimally invasive without leaving external scars. Using your own chin bone or custom implants, the width and length of the jaw are improved to perfectly fit each unique facial profile. In particular, a key innovation is the intraoral approach, which leaves no external scars and uses naturally resorbable sutures, eliminating the need for suture removal.

Virtual simulation for confidence:

Dr. Carlos Pereira goes one step further by offering virtual simulation. This advanced tool allows patients to preview post-operative results, thereby increasing their confidence in the procedure and expected results.

Improved chin augmentation:

Dr. Carlos Pereira's approach may involve a simple intraoral incision and a custom-made chin implant, sometimes combined with bone advancement to improve chin projection. These refinements make it possible for patients to achieve significant improvement in their facial profile, with a focus on ensuring that the changes complement other facial structures gracefully.

Fast recovery:

Recovery from chin surgery has become remarkably quick and easy. Postoperative discomfort is minimized and patients only need to maintain adequate intraoral hygiene. Additionally, recovery protocols are simplified and require simple measures such as avoiding direct sunlight and abstaining from smoking to aid in the healing process.

mentoplasty comparative image

Aesthetic goals:

The desired result of mentoplasty varies by gender: the procedure helps women achieve a slimmer, more contoured face that aligns with the nose and cheekbones, and men achieve a more pronounced masculine jawline.

Postoperative care:

Postoperative guidelines include using sunscreen, avoiding heavy lifting, and attending all scheduled follow-up appointments to ensure the best healing environment.

The field of mentoplasty continues to embrace new technologies and techniques, offering patients personalized solutions, faster recovery times, and better aesthetic results. These upgrades not only ensure a high level of patient satisfaction but also position mentoplasty as a sophisticated option for people seeking to refine their facial contours.

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